• Beth Black

Extraordinary Treasures Can Be Anywhere

Why the beach motif?

When the pandemic started, I decided to build a website that would offer escape to my readers. And a desert isle makes a rich setting for many flights of imagination. Beth Black's Extraordinary Treasures earned its own beach on BethScape Island. For this collection of short stories, I chose the shameless title -- Extraordinary Treasures -- originally so that the book would stand out in long lists of sales, giveaways and special offers. Right now, books are selling more online, and with the competitiveness of goodreads giveaways, I knew it had to be eye-catching. So it also bears a brilliant gold cover.

But please don't let the bedazzlement scare you away from these stories. Several were published in the literary press. One garnered a Pushcart Prize nomination after the editor read it aloud to a blind friend and discovered the magic in its poetic language. Two more are stand-alone tales, yet part of a series on genetic engineering that was begun under the auspices of a UC, Irvine grant. That series is slated to come out next year. And "How You Play the Game" was published in The Hummingbird Review alongside greats such as Michael Blake of Dances With Wolves fame. Expect to find a variety of genres and voices in this book.

In truth, each story does have something extraordinary to offer.

Now available for pre-order on Kindle and Nook. Launching Monday, April 26. And for a few more days, you can sign up to win a free giveaway copy on goodreads. My hope is that you'll enjoy this introduction to my work and find my new projects worth exploring when they arrive.

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