Many authors focus on one genre. My writing is eclectic.

I hold a degree in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing from UC, Irvine. I was on-staff at Toastmasters International, where they made me their Creative Writer. Then as a freelance writer, I've been published or produced in long and short fiction, journalism, creative nonfiction, magazine articles, technical writing, PR and commercial screenwriting.

At UCI, I was awarded a grant to write a collection of speculative short stories following the theme of genetic engineering. These stories are being prepared in serialized form for Patreon. Later, I wrote an experimental fiction novel, now slated for publication by next year. And I’m working on a modern-day urban fantasy trilogy. This year, I was invited to add romance to my list of genres and am contributing a novel to the Better Late Romance series with a story titled Where You Go, I Go.

You’ll also find a choice of screenplay genres on this site. They range from family feature comedies and sword & sorcery wizardry to modern-day drama and a western. is meant to offer something different from the usual writer’s site. Consider it a dynamic portfolio, of sorts, with new works arriving, as well as regular blog posts discussing their path to publication. But it’s also a restful hideaway with visual appeal — a “BethScape” from the harsh realities of the day. Here, you can rest, relax, and read.

In all these works of fiction, my hope is that you'll feel rewarded with thought-provoking stories, intriguing characters, poetic prose, and honest themes. Please enjoy your stay!

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