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While the world paused in 2020, I discovered the power and fun of the romance novel. In particular, romance for Boomers. Upon invitation, I wrote a novel for the Better Late Romance collection with a story titled Where You Go, I Go. Check back to see where romance leads me next. Meanwhile, you might also find a collection of short stories available for a short time.

I hold a degree in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing from UC, Irvine. I was later on-staff at a global nonprofit's world headquarters as their Creative Writer and Associate Editor of the magazine. And I've had many short stories published in the literary press.

Have fun reading samples from screenplays on this site. They range from family feature comedies and sword & sorcery wizardry to modern-day drama and a western. Eventually, I hope to write a Romance screenplay, though several of my current scripts are blessed with romantic elements.


Enjoy this hideaway from the  realities of the day. Here, you can rest, relax, and ROMANCE ON!

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