Short Story Adventure

Some laughs are light, and some are dark.

When telling tales, just hit your mark.

Taken from the expression, "It's all just fun and games ... until bad things happen," these and other stories explore those moments when our untamed idiosyncrasies lead to (and maybe help us escape from) the calamities we call comedy.

“The Secret Wife of Walter Mitty” presents an affectionate homage to James Thurber. “The Battle of Beaumont Street” plays rough with the risks of cultural appropriation. “Star Player” twists Melville’s classic “Bartleby the Scrivener” to pitch some major league madness. “Get ‘Em While They’re Hot” riffs on the increasingly complex production of food and how an insignificant blind spot can spell an unusual doom.

Your wild ride includes stories previously published in the literary press and then presented in Extraordinary Treasures. Now, this collection delivers fresh surprises and amps up the joy, because in the end, it's all just fun & games.

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