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Many authors focus on one genre. My writing is eclectic.

I hold a degree in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing from UC, Irvine. I was on-staff at Toastmasters International, where they made me their Creative Writer and Associate Editor of the magazine. Between staff work and freelance assignments, I've been published or produced in long and short fiction, journalism, creative nonfiction, magazine articles, technical writing, PR and commercial screenwriting.

At UCI, I was awarded a grant to write a collection of speculative short stories following the theme of genetic engineering. These stories will eventually be released in serialized form. I've also written an experimental fiction novel, now slated for publication by next year. And I’m working on a paranormal women's fiction trilogy. Last year, I was invited to add romance to my list of genres and contributed a novel to the Better Late Romance collection with a story titled Where You Go, I Go.

You’ll also find a choice of screenplay genres on this site. They range from family feature comedies and sword & sorcery wizardry to modern-day drama and a western. is meant to offer something different from the usual writer’s site. Consider it a dynamic portfolio, of sorts, with new works arriving, as well as regular blog posts discussing their path to publication. But it’s also a restful hideaway with visual appeal — a “BethScape” from the harsh realities of the day. Here, you can rest, relax, and read.

In all these works of fiction, my hope is that you'll feel rewarded with thought-provoking stories, intriguing characters, poetic prose, and honest themes. Please enjoy your stay!

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